Start feeling good about yourself now

shift your energy, let go of self doubt
& light you the fuck up

You know what? I've had enough of sooooo many of you Beautiful humans feeling shit about yourselves or drowning in self doubt. I think it's time to take a fucking stand & sort that crap out! 
Lets stop fucking around with low confidence levels or feelings of not belonging. You don't deserve that & you never have!
   You might just need some help in shaking that shit. The time is now.   You're not alone. I'm here to support you.
These courses will help you feel free of the restrictions that have been created for / by you Mentally, Emotionally & Spiritually (which often lead to baggage Physically), so you can call in all that you desire & dream of.
Don't let your funky Energy & negativity hold you back from the opportunity to make 2023 the completely fucking Phenomenal, Positively life changing year you deserve. 


Clearing Masterclass

Learn some super easy ways to shift Energy.
This course will help you understand what Energy is & how you can have it flowing in a more productive way. Learn some simple techniques to clear the Energy in any space & shift it to a much higher Vibe.


Healing Masterclass

Delve deeper into Energy work & healing.
Curious about healings & how they work? This course gives you an understanding of how Energy presents itself, the benefits of healing the Energy of yourself & others, & also includes a mini healing so you can experience it for yourself.


Self Worth Masterclass

Learn ways to reconnect with the positive self worth part of you. This masterclass is perfect for doing something Gorgeous for yourself. It provides a lovely Energy clearing & healing to shift your negative Energy, release old doubts & fears, calm your mind & heart so you can allow yourself to accept love & compliments from those around you.


Manifesting Mastery

Learn to master the art of Manifesting.
This course is a beautifully in depth & practical look at how we call in (or unconsciously block) the things we want more of. Through learning the 3 core areas - release, receive & radiate, you will open yourself to endless possibilities to set you on the best Abundant trajectory of your Life.

What's The Investment?


$199 AUD


Meet your


Lyndy Jewell is a Psychic Medium & Energy Healer who cuts through the crap of all things Woo Woo. Based in the Beautiful Dandenong Ranges in Melbourne, she connects deeply with Crystals, her Intuition, Cheezels & Bourbon.

With a very down to Earth approach to listening to The Universe & sharing Messages, Lyndy Loves reminding her clients that they are fucking Amazing because seriously, it’s true.

Lyndy offers 1:1 sessions, Intuitive Development Classes, Guided Meditation courses, Coaching & Group Workshops. Working with a wide variety of humans from all walks of Life she Loves her work & would encourage you to get in touch if you feel drawn to working with her.

Your Questions - Answered

How long will I have access to the courses?

The course content has lifetime access. For the foreseeable future, the courses and their content will be hosted in the current learning platform. If it is re-housed sometime in the future, you will be notified and receive access to the content via another platform or file format.

How do I access the courses?

Upon check out, you will receive access to the learning platform where you have instant access to all the video content. Login, create a password and keep it safe. You will be able to access the platform via desktop or device using that login.

How long will it take to complete the courses?

These are self paced courses. There is over 6 hours of video content for you to consume, along with meditations & bonus content. You can binge on the content or you can watch a video a day, whatever works for you and your life.