Learn some super easy ways to shift the Energy

in your home or workplace to a much more Bright & Calming Vibe!

The 3 Biggest Things You'll Learn

Energy is totally Awesome when it’s High Vibe & Clear. Maintaining that at your home, office, workplace is easy when you have the tools. And guess what? You already HAVE the tools. I’d Love to help you locate & use them! Let me show you some simple techniques to clear the Energy in a space. We are often impacted by other people’s thoughts, feelings, actions (Energy). That stuff does not need to hang around, messing with your Energy Flow. 


With a wide array of Woo Woo 'tools' available to us we narrow down which ones YOU will prefer to use & why.

energy flow

Get a clear & concise understanding of what Energy is & how you can have it flowing in a more productive way.


The power of Intention Setting cannot be understated. Let's discover how to use it most effectively.

Here's Why You NEED This Masterclass...

Energy Clearing is a thing.

We need to clear the Energy within AND around us because life happens, right?!?

You KNOW when the clunky, crappy, constrictive Energetic muck starts to build.

A whole range of stuff experienced by any member of your home or work family can contribute to Energetic murkiness in your space are:

🤬 Arguments
🤯 Stress
🥺 Hormone changes
😯 Situation changes  
😱 Fear
🤔 Doubt
😬 Anxiety

None of it needs to continue to impact everyone. You can learn how to shift the Energy to a much Brighter Vibe!

This is the perfect little Masterclass for you.

The Energy in a building or space can be impacted positively or negatively by people or circumstances. 😬🥴

Sometimes, it needs a bit of an ‘Energetic Declutter’ to help your home or workplace feel Lighter & Brighter. 🏡💫

You’ll be amazed at your own skill with this when you know what you’re doing. 🌟😉

I’ll show you some fun & simple ways to shift the Energy where you work, rest or play. 🛠🛌

What's Included?

✔️ 1 x 1 hour masterclass video (live recording)

✔️ BONUS - 10 minute clearing your Energy Meditation

✔️ Lifetime access to this Masterclass

Meet your


Lyndy Jewell is a Psychic Medium & Energy Healer who cuts through the crap of all things Woo Woo. Based in the Beautiful Dandenong Ranges in Melbourne, she connects deeply with Crystals, her Intuition, Cheezels & Bourbon.

With a very down to Earth approach to listening to The Universe & sharing Messages, Lyndy Loves reminding her clients that they are fucking Amazing because seriously, it’s true.

Lyndy offers 1:1 sessions, Intuitive Development Classes, Guided Meditation courses, Coaching & Group Workshops. Working with a wide variety of humans from all walks of Life she Loves her work & would encourage you to get in touch if you feel drawn to working with her.

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