Feel Confident to fully step into your unique Magic?

Let's talk you through, around, over or under some of the hurdles you've created in your own head to help you filter out the bullshit & give you the confidence to start doing your work, YOUR way. 

As an Energy worker I LOVE to see the difference that is made in my client's lives after a reset, refresh, recharge session with me.

What I also Love, is witnessing the transformation that occurs in my fellow Energy workers when they are living their dream of helping others, utilising whatever healing modality/modalities they have picked up along the way.

There are so many beautiful humans with fabulous Intuitive & Energy Clearing skills that are too scared to really commit to helping others. 

Do you look for excuses to be held back or do some people feel threatened by your Awesomeness? Either way, enough is enough! 

There are people out there who need what you do, even if you are not sure exactly what that is yet. 

Your path to truly embracing your work in the world is not necessarily going to be full of rainbows & lollipops. You will occasionally come up against big resistance from your own self doubt or the scepticism of other people. 

Honestly, I think that a lot of us have been baffled with bullshit & we just need someone to help filter the drama that can sneak its way into this field of work. 

Shining your Brilliance & helping others does not need to be difficult.  Time to change shit up if you have found yourself stuck in limbo because you are latching on to the bullshit excuses that others offer you:  

You need to be living (or pretending to!) a perfectly calm life to work in this field  
Bullshit. The people who need your skills aren't living that kind of life. Your experience with business & the occasional taste of overwhelm helps you understand more deeply what they are going through & therefore help them more expansively.  

Your grandmother / mother / aunty needs to have had "The Gift" for you to truly help others  
You're not a fucking race horse so why would your blood lines matter? And wtf kinda gift is this anyway??? It's more likely to be an understanding or curiosity that you've developed over time for the benefit of others. Let's not ignore your deliberate contribution to what you are able to do.   

You can't partake in anything low vibe or fun if you want to succeed in the Energy modalities  
This one is great. It makes anyone who has had any fun, ever, feel like they are not good enough to contribute in any meaningful way. That level of materdom can fuck right off. Just another way for other people to justify their narrow minded view of the world & keep people out of this field of work by making them feeling a bit shit about who they are. That level of guilt is not required. 

You must create a very complicated, time consuming & unachievable web of protection around yourself every single time you tap into someone else's Energy 
Ugh! Really?!? What if you keep your own Energy vibrant / calm / clear enough to not take on other people's stuff? You are here to help people reconnect to their own magnificent Energy & let go of old shit. Why the hell would you need to protect yourself from it unless you are planning on or manifesting the collection of every bad vibe going around? Stay in your own lane & help others from there. You'll be blocking the good stuff too if your big focus is protection.    

You must work from a space that is completely clear of negative Energy & totally peaceful at all times  
Nuh! Not true. I have worked next to a train station, in a space the size of a cupboard in a busy shop, at a corporate event with hundreds of people walking past - even my Healing Room at home gets very noisy outside sometimes. Does it need to affect your intention to help someone? Abso-fucking-lutely not. It's a great excuse though. Your focus will be the human in front of you or on your screen, not what's going on around you.

Your ability to open up to more Energy Flow for the benefit of yourself & others is only limited by your confidence. Let me hold your hand & help you walk forward at your pace into the bright, vibrant future work space you know is there.  

You don't need to leap into it right now but I'd Love for you to feel that it's closer than ever.  

If you are done with holding yourself back, I am here to help you move in a direction that will light you up! There are people out there who need your help & Energetic support.  

Step into my supportive, nurturing & encouraging course - Simplifying Energy Work - so we can expand your Awesomeness even more!

You'll be so glad you did.


When I first started working in this field, I found it difficult to filter out the bullshit.

I was making it all very complicated in the beginning because I thought this is what I needed to do. I would take at least half an hour to set up for my clients by creating a whole heap of rituals, meditating, lighting candles, placing crystals in certain layouts - you get the idea.

But what I realised was that although all these things looked Amazing, they were having absolutely no impact on the Energy Clearing or the way the Energy flowed. In fact, it were just placing more pressure on me & taking my focus away from what was really important - the Energy work.

When we learn these modalities, we get told so many. different rules about how things must be done but it's simply not true. This is exactly why I have created this course because I want to simplify this work so we can eliminate all the bullshit stories you've been told to allow you to share YOUR magic, YOUR way!

This course is for anyone who:

  • has been made to feel "less than" in the Healing space
  • feels like they need to know more or have more experience
  • was told some weird "must have" or "must do" rule that never really sat right
  • finds it hard to take action for fear of getting something wrong
  • worries about their own Energy being drained if they do the work their Heart knows is the dream job you've been searching for



Lyndy Jewell is a Psychic Medium & Energy Healer who cuts through the crap of all things Woo Woo. Based in the Beautiful Dandenong Ranges in Melbourne, she connects deeply with Crystals, her Intuition, Cheezels & Bourbon.

 With a very down to Earth approach to listening to The Universe & sharing Messages, Lyndy Loves reminding her clients that they are fucking Amazing because seriously, it’s true.  

Lyndy offers 1:1 sessions, Intuitive Development Classes, Guided Meditation courses, Coaching & Group Workshops. Working with a wide variety of humans from all walks of Life she Loves her work & would encourage you to get in touch if you feel drawn to working with her.

What's The Investment?


$288 AUD


Your Questions - Answered

How long will I have access to the course?

The course content is lifetime access. For the foreseeable future, the course content will be hosted in the current learning platform. If it is re-housed sometime in the future, you will be notified and receive access to the content via another platform or file format.

How do I access the course?

On check out, you will receive access to the learning platform where you have instant access to all the video content. Login, create a password and keep it safe. You will be able to access the platform via desktop or mobile device using that login.

How long will it take to complete the course?

This is a self paced course. There is approx. 3 hours of video content and meditations for you to consume. You can binge on the content or you can watch a video a day, whatever works for you and your life.

"This is an opportunity for us to peel away some of the bits that you might be a little bit stuck on, for the purpose of you doing the work that you need to do in the world.
Offering your Magic, your gift to your clients, your people, the people who will be drawn to you."

Lyndy Jewell

Still have questions? Send me a message and let me know what's holding you back.