Festive Flow

10 days of Meditations to maintain your Merriment

Here's Why You NEED This Meditation Course...

Feel like you’re being stalked by tinsel and baubles?

Mince pies as far as the eye can see?

Yep, its official, we are in December already, meaning it won't be long until the jolly man in the red suit pays a visit!

But it’s all good, take a deep breath, because I’ve got you covered.

My Meditation course ‘Festive Flow,’ has been created to help you maintain your Merriment, so you can actually enjoy the silly season.

The course includes a series of 10 Guided Meditations, guaranteed to bring back some calm amongst the Christmas chaos. And they are short enough for even the busiest of peeps.

Each Meditation will help you start your day with a sparkly spring in your step, so you too can shine like the star on top of your Christmas tree and handle whatever comes your way.

And please note, these Meditations aren’t specifically tailored just for Christmas. You can use them whenever you feel like you may need an Energy reset.

Click the button and purchase this course if you want some help enjoying the festivities without feeling frazzled.

Cheers to the season really being fucking jolly!

What's Included?

✔️ 10 x Guided Meditations

✔️ Mediation Tips and reminders

✔️ Lifetime access to this Meditation Course

Meet your


Lyndy Jewell is a Psychic Medium & Energy Healer who cuts through the crap of all things Woo Woo. Based in the Beautiful Dandenong Ranges in Melbourne, she connects deeply with Crystals, her Intuition, Cheezels & Bourbon.

With a very down to Earth approach to listening to The Universe & sharing Messages, Lyndy Loves reminding her clients that they are fucking Amazing because seriously, it’s true.

Lyndy offers 1:1 sessions, Intuitive Development Classes, Guided Meditation courses, Coaching & Group Workshops. Working with a wide variety of humans from all walks of Life she Loves her work & would encourage you to get in touch if you feel drawn to working with her.

Join me on this meditation journey to find your Festive Flow ....

start your day with a sparkly spring in your step so you can enjoy the festivities without feeling frazzled.